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    About Christian Chua Training Academy

    Consistently ranked as a top motivation keynote speaker and one of less than 10 Certified Speaking Professionals in Singapore, Christian Chua brings the perfect balance of an energizing performance blended with real-world experience and credibility. He not only inspires, but moves audiences to action by offering practical and effective approaches to driving better business outcomes. Your audience will be energized and entertained by one of the most in-demand keynote speakers on the topics of innovation, motivation creativity, reinvention, and body languageg. You’ll love his professionalism, humor, customized approach, and experience. He will inspire your group while delivering real-world, practical takeaways.

    Corporate Courses

    Sales Motivation

    • Face Reading for Profiling & Communication
    • How to be a Success Magnet
    • The Rhythm of Winning
    • Essential Influencing Skills

    Sales Motivation & Financial Success

    • The DNA of Success
    • The Audacity to Win

    Leadership & Personal Effectiveness

    • Critical Thinking and Innovation Workshop

    Personal Effectiveness

    • Dealing with Difficult People
    • Body Language for Sales, Human Resource, Law Enforcement or General Staff

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      What is TCM Guasha Course About?

      TCM Guasha Meridian 101 is a simple, modernized D.I.Y. way to great health, and you’ll depend less on synthetic drugs and antibiotics, thereby doing away with long term harmful side effects. Meridian 101 is our most popular hands-on learning workshop series that covers practical knowledge on meridian therapy, acupressure and guasha techniques with herbal essential oil application.


      Check out more of our TCM Guasha Courses available today!

      Services Offered

      • Meridian101 for Everyone


        In Stock

        Preventive care for Respiratory and Reproductive (vitality) systems to breathe well and stay at the peak of vitality and performance.You will learn how to strengethen your Lung, Large Intestine, Kidney and Bladder Meridians to safeguard against and relieve asthma, sinus, cough and flu; alleviate PMS, menopausal symptoms, improve fatigue and low sex drive, and to stay energetic.

      • Meridian101 for Facial Reflexology


        In Stock

        Preventive care for ALL our internal organs through the stimulation of the reflex zones on our face and to combat facial sag and stress.You will learn a unique D.I.Y. facial guasha massage to rejuvenate your facial complexion and tune up the health of your internal organs. You will experience an instant radiant facelift right before […]

      • Meridian101 for Human Reset


        In Stock

        Preventive care for Detoxification and Digestive systems to help our body purge out toxins naturally and to optimally absorb nurtients from the food we eat to stay healthy.You will learn how to strengthen your Liver, Gall Bladder, Stomach and Spleen Meridians to enhance your detox, digestive and immunity systems to safeguard against and relieve constipation, […]

      • Meridian101 for Women


        In Stock

        Preventive care for women health that includes natural slimming through meridian therapy (slimming applies to men too). You will learn how to stimulate Liver, Gall Bladder, Stomach and Spleen Meridians to shed excess flab at tummy, thighs and lower legs naturally through meridian massage and guasha with herbal essential oils; and care for breasts, PMS […]

      • Meridian101 for DESTRESS


        In Stock

        Preventive care for Nervous system to de-stress and relax. Chronic stress is a precursor to many modern lifestyle diseases.You will learn how to strengthen your Heart and Pericardium Meridians, in combination with aromatherapy, for Stress Management to safeguard against and relieve stress-induced stiff neck/shoulder, chronic headache, insomnia, and poor sleep quality.