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  • ILM DS


    In Stock
  • ILM-LS


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    Single-sided in-line lamination module attachable to all XID series

  • MC-L


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    The MC-L laminator module is the ideal solution to maximize the durability and the security of your cards.

  • MC310

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  • MC660


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    Designed to perfectly fit into any card issuance environment, the new Matica EDIsecure™ MC660 prints high quality cards thanks to its 600dpi resolution printhead on all types of card materials (PVC, PET, Polycarbonate, ABS).

  • P101i


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    The P101i is a six-color high secure inkjet printer for machine readable travel documents dedicated especially for ePassport & Visa issuance.

  • P202i


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    Passport Printer

  • XID 8300


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    The modular single-or double-sided EDIsecure® XID8300 Retransfer Printer was developed for industrial needs

  • XID8100


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    The entry level Retransfer Printer XID8100 is the perfect solution for the regular day-to-day demand to personalize of all kind of ID Cards.

  • XID8600


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    The XID8600 Printer is the high-end model of the proven 8xxx series of Matica’s XID retransfer printers with an ultra high resolution of 600dpi in card printing quality.

  • XL8300


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    Matica’s new XL8300 is an innovative retransfer printer that specializes in printing exceptionally high quality oversized cards for the event management industry and is capable of printing up to 128 cards per hour.

Showing all 11 results